The Wrapped Collection: seventeen beautifully crafted patterns from designers in crochet and knitwear. Clean, simple lines and saturated colours combine with the softness of White Gum Wool. Effortlessly wrapping you in warmth, these versatile pieces will carry you through the seasons and become wardrobe staples. From socks, mitts and hats to keep your extremities cosy, garments to warm your core, and a blanket perfect for a baby, the collection expands into a generous selection of wraps and shawls. Sustainable, ethical Tasmanian wool meets modern design, dovetailing to bring you a wonderful new collection of patterns to craft with.

Our Wrapped Collection is filled to the beanie-brim with knit and crochet designs to get your creativity flowing. There’s a shed-load of inspiration here, using our 4ply and 8ply Merino yarn, our 5ply silk/merino blend, reinforced sock yarn and our 12ply bouclé.

Let’s start with a look at the new crochet designs.

Hillocks by Shelley Husband
A long, textured scarf, shown here in Ashmore. This design works well with our variegated colourways, but it will also look great in a solid or heathered yarn. You’ll need: three balls of 8ply.

Flamestone by Naomi Skeat
Eyelets, stripes, and a point-to-point construction make Flamestone a lot of fun to crochet. Colour options are many – Flamestone is modelled here in Flame and Quarrystone. You’ll need: one ball of each colour in 4ply.

Millpond by Shelley Husband
Textured and circular, Millpond is a beautiful crochet blanket that’s great for a baby. But it's a versatile piece suited to many uses. Millpond looks fabulous in our solid colourways. You’ll need: eight balls of 8ply.

Onto the knits!

Dolerite by Jessica Gore
Classic beauty with a modern shape; Dolerite is a gorgeous textured shawl of generous proportions, shown here in Natural. You’ll need: four balls of 8ply.

Safety Cove by Imogen Worden
For the ultimate luxurious wrap, cast on Safety Cove. Seed stitch, scallops and lace combine to form a feminine, drapey wrap that will dress up any outfit. You'll need: four balls of 4ply. 

Bass Strait by Kylie Robson
Wear it long or double it over for extra warmth; Bass Strait is a textured, reversible cowl, shown in Quarrystone. You’ll need: two balls of 8ply for your own Bass Strait.

Lorinna by Clare Singline
You'll need: just one ball of our 4ply for this lovely take on the shawlette. It wears like a cowl but looks like a shawl, and the texture will please any knitter. 

Marakoopa by Kiri FitzGerald
A two-tone pullover with a scooped hem, Marakoopa is a cosy knit in our 8ply – modelled here in Quarrystone and Flax Lily. Go wild with your colour choices or create a classic wardrobe staple. You’ll need: 3-5 balls of Main Colour, and 2 balls of Contrast Colour.

Oatlands by Alison McCarney
The beanie for every body. Extra warmth from a rolled brim, with stacks of cabley texture, Oatlands looks great with or without a pompom. Seen here in Flax Lily and Natural. You'll need: just one ball of 8ply for each hat - including pompom. 

He-Oak by Sarah Crawford
We’re thrilled to have a men’s jumper included in this collection. With a versatile collar, saddle shoulders and great textured ribbing, He-Oak will look great on your nearest bloke! You’ll need: between 5-8 balls of 8ply, depending on size.

Striae by Debra Kinsey
The stitch definition of White Gum Wool 8ply is shown to great effect in this amazing pullover. Seamed for extra structure, Striae is supremely warm and cosy. Modelled in Gum Grey. You'll need: between 5-10 balls depending on size.

Myrtle Ridge by Nichole Lubcke
We all love our silk/merino blend. This beautiful design makes the most of two colours - seen here in Natural and Quarrystone. With an elegant lace border, clever increases and some serious stripes, Myrtle Ridge is a classic half-circular shawl of generous proportions. You'll need: 2 balls of your Main Colour and 1 ball of Contrast. 

Flaxen by Brenda Green
Cables, lace and length. Flaxen is a generous, light and elegant wrap shown here in Flax Lily. To create this heirloom piece, you'll need: four balls of 4ply.

Flinders by Kylie Robson
With incredible texture, a great fit and a couple of sizes to choose from, Flinders are shown here in our Storm colourway. Every wardrobe needs a pair of handknit socks. You’ll need: one ball of sock yarn for a pair.

Mountain Berry by Sarah Crawford
Keep your hands warm with the Mountain Berry mitts, modelled in 8ply Flame. Lovely texture and simple construction mean you'll be wanting to make more than one pair. And with five sizes to choose from, you can kit out the whole family. You'll need: one ball of 8ply for a pair.

Aomori by Alison McCarney
The ultimate comfort-wrap, Aomori is a sophisticated piece that is as versatile as it is beautiful. Our sample is shown in the Sedge colourway. Ideal as a small blanket or an oversized scarf, this is a great travel companion. You’ll need: three or four balls of 4ply.

The Fall by Suki Hopgood and Sarah Crawford
The biggest and warmest of hugs, this generous oversized cardigan is like a wardrobe best friend. Shown in Silver Wattle, The Fall won't let you down in the comfort department. You'll need: between 6-9 balls of 12ply Bouclé depending on size.

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Photography: Lisa Kuilenburg   |  Location: Huon Valley, Tasmania  |  Collection Director: Sally Oakley
Models: Suki Hopgood, Sarah Crawford and Andy Crawford        
Graphic and web design: Michelle French