No shepherding today

The good news is we had 14 mm (just over ½ inch) of rain over the weekend, in a series of wild storms and gale force winds.  The ground is covered with tiny moths flying below the radar--their first chance for the right hatching conditions all year, I suspect.  Today the forecast is for 50 kph winds, so I think I will let the wet sheep hang out wherever they darn please, and give myself a break from trying to convince them they WANT to go into (or even with) that wind.  I skipped Saturday's half day as well, mostly because I was still worn out from Thursday's marathon.  You see how easy it is to slide into laziness and complacency with this shepherding business?  Good thing I have all of you to keep me honest!  I really will do a circuit on Wednesday--probably back to the Highway Reserve for half a day, to let them enjoy this: