Ethical Superfine Merino from the Tasmanian Midlands

The story behind White Gum Wool is one of mamas and babies,
of diversity and abundance, and of ethics—for the land, the animals
and the people involved in making this yarn.

Nan Bray


A monthly newsletter on events that have made me laugh or cry, or bite my nails or throw my hands up in exasperation.  Farming is one long journey of love and learning—share in the moments of joy and sorrow, frustration and hilarity, and learn along with me how to grow the finest wool in the world in the most sustainable way I can. 
Yarns from the Farm is taking the summer off.  
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As ‘Pattern Herder’ for White Gum Wool, Sally Oakley will be collating new collections, as well as continuing to showcase the wonderful designers who have worked with us from the beginning. A researcher, knitter and pattern designer, Sally will be writing about crafting with wool in The Sallyravels Journal. Come on a journey to find out more about our favourite natural fibre.

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A journal designed to give readers a more personal experience of shepherding, White Gum Wool style.  Photos and videos capture the feeling of being out on the hill, and help you get to know the individual characters in the flock.  You'll also see the wildlife of Tasmanian grassland ecosystems.  Journal posts are generally once a week, with more frequent social media photo posts.
Come Shepherding is taking the summer off.  
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the new wgw sample card

Our new fold out sample card features 4 & 8 ply, bouclé and 5 ply samples with colour palette. Now available from the WGW Shop

Banner photo by Kate Ballis, The Woolmark Company